Business English Vocabulary Salary

‘salary’ is the money you are paid, usually monthly, for doing a job, usually non-manual. 

  • I get a good salary but I need more money. 
  • What sort of salary are they offering? 

A ‘competitive salary’ is a good one for that particular job.

  • We are offering a very competitive salary so we should get good applicants. 
  • We are not recruiting the best people because our salaries are not very competitive. 

A person who gets a salary is a ‘salaried employee’.

  • We’ve reduced the number of salaried employees by 50% and replaced them by temporary workers. 
  • It is much easier to get a loan if you are a salaried employee. 

If you need money, you can ask for ‘a salary advance’.

  • Can I have a salary advance? I’m broke. 
  • I asked my boss for a salary advance but he refused to give me one. 

If you ‘undertake a salary review’, you look at all the salaries to decide which need changing.

  • The committee are undertaking a salary review and will report back in a few weeks time. 
  • We need to undertake a salary review as our salaries are not very competitive. 

‘A salary scale’ is the range of salaries available.

  • When you start, you will be at the bottom of the salary scale but you will not stay there for long. 
  • Our salary scale is not very competitive compared to our competition. 

If a salary is good, we can say that it is ‘attractive’.

  • We are offering a very attractive salary for the job. 
  • It is an attractive salary but I will have to work on Saturdays. 

Everybody hopes to get a ‘salary increase’.

  • We had no salary increase this year because the company was in trouble. 
  • If you offer me an increase in salary, I will stay. 

The ‘basic salary’ is the salary before any extras such as bonuses.

  • The basic salary is quite low but there are large incentive bonuses. 
  • I prefer to have a large basic salary as there is more security. 

When you start a job, you will receive your ‘initial salary’.

  • The initial salary is quite low but you should get promoted to a better job quite quickly. 
  • If we want to recruit better people, we will have to offer a more competitive initial salary.

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