Human Resources – video


Welcome to part 8 of our business planning series – Human resources. The management and personnel area of your plan will review staff functions, job descriptions, policies, workforce planning and training.

Recruiting the right staff can be an expensive exercise and one you can’t afford to get wrong. Finding the right staff requires you to plan your recruitment process. You may decide to source candidates through a recruitment agency, or recruit your own staff.

If you decide to recruit your own staff, you will need to have a process in place. You will also need to prepare an induction program to cover familiarisation of the policies and procedures of the business, tax documentation, employment agreements, superannuation, an introduction to other employees, workplace health and safety considerations and familiarisation with the responsibilities and duties of the job.

By following a well-planned process you will find the right person for the right job every time. Be sure to remember, the development of staff is an on-going process. Your staff will need to adapt and learn new skills as your business grows and changes.

Providing ongoing training can also help you retain staff and promote staff internally rather than recruit. Finding and keeping good staff is a challenge for most businesses. Conducting performance reviews is an effective way to recognise and reward staff contributions, which can help you retain the expertise you need and minimise your business’s staff turnover and recruitments costs.

Establishing a performance review process is an essential part of effective business leadership. Putting the right people in the right jobs, finding and developing the right skill sets and managing human resources and employees in the right way all present challenges.

Having a comprehensive HR plan, as part of your business plan will enable your employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall business direction.

Source : Youtube