Business English Vocabulary Emphasis 2

Emphasizing 2

Here is some more language to help you make your presentation more persuasive and make your points stronger :

openly admit

I openly admit that I have made mistakes.
If they openly admit that they were at fault, they may get the public back on their side.

totally agree

I totally agree with what Susan said.
I totally agree with the previous speaker.

strongly recommend

I strongly recommend that we invest in the Beijing project.
The consultants strongly recommend  that we pull out of the US completely.

firmly believe

We firmly believe that this company has an excellent future ahead of it.
I firmly believe that I am the best candidate for the job.

positively encourage

I would like to positively encourage you to apply for the post.
I want to positively encourage you to continue with what you are doing.

fully appreciate

I fully appreciate that investing in the current economic climate is a risk.
We fully appreciate the efforts you have made on our behalf.

categorically deny

I categorically deny that I did anything wrong.
My client categorically denies all the charges.  

absolutely refuse

I absolutely refuse to continue with this.
I absolutely refuse to consider the possibility of failure.