Business English Vocabulary Changes 2

Learn the vocabulary in English to talk about the many changes that take place in a company or organization :

‘to streamline’ = to improve the effectiveness of parts of an organization, often by simplifying procedures.

  • We are streamlining the procedure to cut the time it takes to deliver to the customer.
  • Streamlining administration and giving more responsibility to individuals will reduce costs considerably.

‘to relocate’ = to move to a new place

  • Production is being relocated to Bulgaria next year creating lots of redundancies here.
  • My company paid all the costs when I was relocated to my previous job in Scotland.

‘to relax’ = to make a rule less strict or severe.

  • Unfortunately we can’t relax the no-smoking ban. The law won’t permit it.
  • We have relaxed the dress code considerably and now people often wear jeans to the office.

‘to enforce’ = to impose a rule more strictly or to make people follow a rule.

  • For health and safety reasons, we have to enforce the no-smoking rules.
  • It is extremely difficult to enforce time-keeping rules without some form of electronic system.

‘to adjust’ = to change something a little to make it correct or suitable.

  • We are adjusting the salary scales so that they reflect present responsibilities better. 
  • Salaries are adjusted annually according to the rate of inflation and the financial results.

‘to reduce’ = to make smaller in size, quantity or importance.

  • We have reduced the number of workers with the introduction of more modern technology. 
  • In order to reduce expenditure in the department, we have introduced several cost-cutting measures.

‘to deteriorate’ = to become worse

  • Morale has deteriorated since the rumours of closure began.
  • Sales figures have continued to deteriorate despite the launch of the latest version.

‘to downsize’ = to make a company or organization smaller by reducing the number of people working for it.

  • The organization has a plan to downsize in order to reduce costs.
  • Many organizations downsized during the 1980s when new technologies were introduced.

‘to phase in’ = to introduce something in stages over a period of time

  • The changes in pay scales will be phased in over the next three years.
  • The new organization will be phased in gradually starting here in head office.

‘to phase out’ = to remove or stop doing something gradually over a period of time.

  • That line of products has been phased out and replaced by the new range.
  • It has taken us six months to phase out the old software and introduce
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