Business English Vocabulary Job related 2

If you ‘hire’ someone, you employ them.  We hired him on a six month contract.  I hear that they are not hiring people at the moment because of budget problems.  If you ‘fire’ somebody, you dismiss them from their job, usually because of something they did. I had to fire Sally because she kept on making mistakes.  If you … Read more

Business English Vocabulary Salary

A ‘salary’ is the money you are paid, usually monthly, for doing a job, usually non-manual.  I get a good salary but I need more money.  What sort of salary are they offering?  A ‘competitive salary’ is a good one for that particular job. We are offering a very competitive salary so we should get good applicants.  We are … Read more

Business English Vocabulary Pay 3

More vocabulary on the important topic of money: ‘commission’ is paid to people in sales based on the amounts of goods sold. Working here I get paid a fixed salary and commission based on my sales. I get paid a commission on the deals I negotiate. People who are ‘hourly paid’ are paid a fixed rate for each … Read more

Business English Vocabulary Pay 2

We all go to work to earn money. Let’s look at more vocabulary to talk about our salaries: ‘gross salary’ is the salary before anything is deducted for contributions and tax. Her gross salary is £50 000 but obviously she takes home considerably less than that. He earns £40 000 a year gross. ‘net salary’ is the … Read more