Business English Presentations Clarification

When we are talking to somebody, we don’t always understand everything they say. There are two useful techniques for dealing with this. Firstly, we can simply ask them to repeat what they said. Could you say that again please? I didn’t follow that. Could you repeat it? Secondly, we can ask them to say again … Read more

Business English Vocabulary Softening

Sometimes you want to soften the impact of what you are saying and give it less importance. Here are some ways to do that: Little The quality could have been a little better.The speaker should have spoken a little louder. Slight There is a slight problem we need to deal with.I have a slight doubt … Read more

Business English Vocabulary Emphasis 2

Emphasizing 2 Here is some more language to help you make your presentation more persuasive and make your points stronger : openly admit I openly admit that I have made mistakes.If they openly admit that they were at fault, they may get the public back on their side. totally agree I totally agree with what … Read more

Business English Vocabulary State your purpose

It is important to state your purpose clearly at the beginning of your talk. Here are some ways to do this: talk about = to speak about a subject Today I’d like to talk about our plans for the new site. I’m going to be talking to you about the results of our survey. report on = … Read more

Business English Vocabulary Survival Language

If you get your facts wrong. I am terribly sorry. What I meant to say was this.  Sorry. What I meant is this.  If you have been going too fast and your audience is having trouble keeping up with you.  Let me just recap on that.  I want to recap briefly on what I have … Read more

Business English Vocabulary Starting a presentation

In modern English, Presentations tend to be much less formal than they were even twenty years ago. Most audience these days prefer a relatively informal approach. However, there is a certain structure to the opening of a Presentation that you should observe. Get people’s attention Welcome them Introduce yourself State the purpose of your presentation … Read more